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johnhenry123 57 M
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first time really happy   1/9/2006

To start I was rased in a very uptight family with a father that was very abusive. I alwas felt differant about my sexual feelings. when i was growing up I had my first sexual experance with my best friend we were both about 12 see we were borne just 4 days apart. we would have sleep overs and one night we were fooling around weresteling in my room when he pined me down and we both at the ...

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cutejockboy17 34 M
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Finding a Nice, Handsome Guy When You're Bi/Closeted   1/1/2006

I spend my weeks in New York City and most weekends out of the city. I want to say this, but at the same time, I don't want to seem conceited. OK, so here goes. I'm a really good looking guy. Bright green eyes, nice smile, spikey hair, cute face, medium height. I get checked out by guys and girls a lot each day. I'm interested in guys, but can't seem to meet the right guy on the ...

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so_aldude 58 M
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Still In That Closet   12/31/2005

Hey, how can I not be in that proverbial closet and live in south Alabama, Bible Belt central.That is why I love this site and getting to know all you guys, it really helps to have someone to talk to and relate to.It can be hard at times seeing how happy some guys are leading an open gay life, but I hold on to the old adage that there is someone out there for everyone, perhaps even me.To ...

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virile12000 53 M
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I don't remember going into a closet, so how do I get out   12/31/2005

It's funny but, most of use did not volunteer to Hide our lifestyle choices. It either just happened, or we were so afraid that the world (or someone from our little part of it)would find out we changed our prepositions and parked in back where we can't be seen from the street. We started to ask ourselves scary questions. What would grandma think? What would the people at Church think? ...

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TBudBear 51 M
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Taking A Poll. And No Not Up My Ass.   12/30/2005

How Many Of You Closet Bi, Closet Gay, Closet Confused, Closet Openminded, Closet Sex Addicts, or Closet Just Having Fun Dudes.Prefer Having A MFM 3-Way Only, Just So You Can Get Some Dick?...Does Pussy In The Mix NOT Make You Feel, Whats that taboo Word? Oh GAY.

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WMjustlooking 64 M
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Cover up at work.   12/22/2005

Why do so many American males have such a homophobic attitude? I work in a public safety job at the local government level in a town of 75000, which is promoted as one of the most diverse and accepting towns on the east coast, but not the people who I work with. Man, talk about a bunch of "good ole boys" that is exactly what they are. There are several lesbians in the department I work ...

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Mecav4 32 M
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still there   12/22/2005

I m in the "closet" and have been for a long time. i know that coming out will shock my family and my dad may even disown me. not any matter, but i was hoping to find someone who i can be with for a while to relieve myself. i have been fantising about a bunch of my friends a lot since the seventh grade but did not know until a year later. even now there are those who i'd like to have but ...

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UKleicesterguy 48 M
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..... never knew he was Bi   12/17/2005

I worked with a guy nearly 5 years ago.. must admit that i looked at him lustfully a few times ;> Never had the courage to make a move but, wondered if he was gay or bi by the way he looked at me! His eyes had this way of telling you something... i just couldn't put my finger on it! Well, he only put his facepic on Outpersonals and, WOW!, I was stunned!, I was really nervous about ...

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warrenforyou 59 M
16  Articles
Gay in a Straight Marriage   12/8/2005

In my profile, I listed in the marital status, DIVORCED. That word can be a forever label to some. Some may even try to hide the fact of having been in a failed marriage. I never looked at it that way, but only as a term to show that I had been there, done that. <br> During the dark closeted years, I bowed to mental pressure of my redneck upbringing, and even to the sarcastic ...

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TBudBear 51 M
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If Your Tired Of The Closet?   11/24/2005

One Day that Closet will get so Lonely, and you will want to Break Out! I know from my own experience.If you feel safe, and feel you want to stay inside your Safety Closet Zone.It is your Life, but your only missing out.I dont march in Parades, and wear Skirts and Heels.I just dont care, who knows that I am Gay.Anybody out there in ClosetPersonals Land want a Guy, to have a Great Life with? ...

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TNJfun 49 BC
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Gay?Bi?   11/16/2005

You hear of men afraid of being gay if they suck a dick, my personal opinion if they want to here and their then that is their choice, bi or not. Just like a woman wants to lick a pussy bi or not. Ya know. Hows come people put lables on people or people putting lables on themselves? My bf just opened up his bicuriousness to me earlier this month and it is almost the end of this month ...

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Thayer004 53 M
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To come out or to not come out   10/13/2005

...that is the $64, 000, 000 question. I have lived in the closet (mostly in denial) all my life (I'm 41). At 35 I got married to the first and only woman I've had sex with. I enjoyed it actually. But only for a couple of years, then my mind started wandering. Now, more than my mind has wandered, and most days I want to come out and get on with life. Other days, however, I wonder what ...

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cumslut1947 70 M
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Why I prefer being in the dark closet.   10/5/2005

I`ve been in the closet all my life. I come from a generation that doesn`t flaunt it in public. So over the years I`ve developed a dual personality. IN public, among friends and co-workers and family, I`m totally straight. But when behind closed doors, I`m a total slut for men.That I`m submissive is a plus. To illustrate my total devotion to sucking cock, let me relate a little adventure I ...

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BigD101 55 M
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Coming Out To My Girlfriend   10/5/2005

After going through most of my life living in the closet, I have come to realize that I am actually 2 people in one. The first is a straight acting male, in front of family and friends. The second is a very gay male who also likes to cross-dress. I have opened up to my current gf, and she is very accepting of my homosexuality. And this has come as a great relief after 2 failed ...

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mymate 52 M
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OUT OR NOT   9/30/2005

Hi i`m now 39 years old never told ne1 i was gay untill a few years ago. So now i`ve told some people does that mean i`m out of the closet or not, it hasn`t change my luck relationship wise in the least i`m still a virgin.

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DaveM08 41 M
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In or out - but which?   9/30/2005

I'm 23 now, and I find myself in a bit of a curious situation in that I'm out to my friends, and not out to my family - except for my brother. I'd always known (since I was about four or five believeit or not) that I was 'different', and finally realised thatI was gay when I was seventeen or so. I came out to my best friend at uni when I was 18, and she was really supportive. All ...

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Stauff 44 M
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In the icy north   9/23/2005

Hi. I´m a guy living in Norway. A country filled with narrowsighted people. Or filled, we are only 4,5 million people, the half living in our capital Oslo. Maybe because we are so few, and that stops us develope our minds. Every norwegian are out in the forest some times of the year, hiding for other people. It´s unusual to see crowds of people(10 at the most). I cant see I have a future out ...

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discretebi4u 47 M
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Need advise from the closet   9/20/2005

I have been in the closet for a long time. I have had "friends" in the past; however, I have since moved away. I am married and have a family and I plan to stay that way. What I need advise on is how do I find new "friends". Is there any safe way to tell if someone is interested in you or just giving you a casual look? How do you find people who are looking for the same things you ...

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scott3265 53 M
3  Articles
My life is in the closet.   9/16/2005

Well you know what, here is my story.Being gay is a hard thing. Since Ive reached puberty I sucked at least 5 of my best friends cocks and I dreamed of more. When I went to college I found a few more . I could give you some steamy store about my first time, but all I can tell you is that I want it to have that great sex that I have with men and feel good about myself. That is hard in todays ...

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hugecaliber 41 M
1  Article
What does it make me?   9/10/2005

I'm actually comfused about what I am when it comes to my sexuality. When I watch a straight porno, I fast forward and only watch the parts where the guy is either getting a blow job or cumming. When I'm with a girl, I only like to have sex with them to watch my cock go in and out of them rather it be intercourse or oral. When I'm with a guy it's just to see him work with my cock or to see ...

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jase19 38 M
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in or out?   8/21/2005

i have came out to my best friend and she supports me, i am wondering if i should tell my parents, my parents were only there physicaly for me as i was growing up, they do not know anything about me, but they think they do. i don't want to tell them for obvious reasons, but then again i do want to tell them to make them realize how much they don't know me

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ssssecretssss23 41 M
1  Article
homosexuality in the middle east   8/14/2005

I would like to talk about hmosexuality in the middle east. <br> I truely don't understand how people might think; I feel that many people feel that they are homosexual, but their repression is so severe that even to MENTION it will irritate them and start them to yell. <br> I understand that, wethere people like it or not, homosexuality was banned in all religions, and homos ...

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Mecav4 32 M
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still there   8/4/2005

I m in the "closet" and have been for a long time. i know that coming out will shock my family and my dad may even disown me. not any matter, but i was hoping to find someone who i can be with for a while to relieve myself. i have been fantising about a bunch of my friends a lot since the seventh grade but did not know until a year later. even now there are those who i'd like to have but ...

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Sheriff2 33 M
3  Articles
First impression's Lasting   8/2/2005

I have always admired my big cousin who I called Muscle. It was just a few years ago that I discovered that muscles were in places I never contemplated. One night after he got drunk, I went into his room and locked the door just to find out that he had a massive erection. I slowly slid down his boxer and took his 10" dick in my hand. It was solid, hard and of course hot. I then took my ...

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chris924 39 M
1  Article
masturbation with my best friend   8/1/2005

I have been in the closet since grade 12. I had dreamed of having sex with one of my best friends for years and never had or dared ask. My parents had moved and set me up in a condo, having a room mate would be cheaper? Just by chance, and I swear to god this is true, he was happy to oblige and move in. I of course approached the topic with delicate fingers and after a few weeks it was time to ...

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titswithcock 77 T
1  Article
we don't have one of those/come enjoy us   7/18/2005

our closets are all open and out where everyone can see them run and hide? Why? THe first time you've realized that having a male force fu__ you in your sweet little asshole and you cried about it and screamed about it'''one day you woke up and you loved it, it felt good, and you wanted more more more Mainly it got you the fu__ off all the way. So if you're in dire need of a lot of ...

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Asad 53 M
1  Article
Early Initiation   7/18/2005

What I am going to tell you is true. It is my life story. It may seem awful to some people, but when I look at it now after all these years, I understand that whatever happened is almost a commonplace story that might happen in any society. I will not reveal the country where I live. All I want to say is that I still live there and very deep in the closet I am… <br> I was 7 ...

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Cumson 38 M
2  Articles
married with kids   7/17/2005

I work in a very large factory and fell head over heels in love with my co-worker. One major problem though, he's married and has a daughter. I usually shy away from guys like that but he's different. When we talk he is always inviting me somewhere secluded. He is always touching me or patting me on the back but I am so scared he might tell that I haven't come to go with him. I know ...

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eddieq58 59 M
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Maybe some day I'll comeout   7/15/2005

I have been married since I was 18 but have always known I was gay.A freind and I started sucking each other off when we were 14.Back then you didn't admit you were gay.I have always loved having sex with men Ithink I got married because I was afraid. Now that I've reached 46 I have comeout to a few gay friends who have helped me deal with issues but I am going to have to tell my wife soon ...

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Tree5 31 M
1  Article
LIfe's a bitch!   7/12/2005

It really can suck being in the closet. If there's anyone who knows it quite well; It would be myself. I used to hate myself. I used to want to drive my car off the road and just never wake up in the morning. But Damnit, now that High school is over, it's so much better. The SOLE magic power I want is to infuse High Schoolers and some older people with the confidence to keep going and ...

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icingsugar 47 M
1  Article
Surreal Encounter   6/28/2005

I finished work on this particular Friday afternoon headed to the gym for a quick workout then on my way home on the subway(train). <br> A young man walked passed me at station and I really did not pay much attention to him. He stood 15 metres distance from me right under the location of the indicator. I kept on glancing at the indicator as the trains were running out of time ...

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Ben_Nevis 66 M
3  Articles
Connections   6/28/2005

I had just gotten in to the hot tub at the hotel one night with the thought of relaxing and not really trying to connect with someone. It had been arather trying day for me and I felt like maybe swimming a few laps and the warm jacuzzi water might be just the ticket. I had been there just a few moments and had just closed my eyes to let the relaxation begin when I heard two guys talking and ...

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lacepantie 61 T
1  Article
WANTING TO GET OUT   6/26/2005


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22  Articles
What Could Have Been   6/23/2005

I know what being in the closet is all about. I was in the same boat with so many people when I first was divorced and beginning to question my sexuality. I was working three jobs right out of college to pay off debt. One of those jobs was bartending in an ellegant restaurant on the outshirts of Chicago. There was a high number of gay clients, and most were regulars. I wore tight polo ...

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psustud04 33 M
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WIth a friend   6/21/2005

I always wanted to hook up with a good friend of mine. We were always together, he spent the night at my house, and i would spend it at his. Nothing ever happened between us, he had a girlfriend. Everyone at school one year made fun of him because everyone said he had a small dick. Of course this didn;t matter to me, because I just wanted to suck it and have him fuck me. He was a football ...

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ForlornGothAngel 31 M
1  Article
Coming out?   6/13/2005

I realised I was bisexual some time ago when I found out I was also attracted to males. I had a 'thing' for one of my close friends and didn't wnat to tell him. <br> Coming out is scary because you're really afraid of what people might think. Why else? It's harder depending on the society and the background that your from. I'm afraid of what my parents and the rest ...

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UTtrucker2 70 M
1  Article
Gay Trucker in the closet/My close enouunter with another driver   6/11/2005

Hard to know where to start. Being an over the road trucker and gay can be a bitch sometimes. So many truckers seem to be really homophobic. As much as I'd love to be more open about my sexuality, I dare not. They way some of those guys talk scare me a lot. At truck stops I see so many really hot looking guys, but I don't dare approach them. One time, thought things were different. I ...

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Thayer004 53 M
18  Articles
From the inside looking out   6/10/2005

I used to sit in the darkness of my closet, telling myself, "I'm not gay." Yeah, I gawk at half the men that I pass on the street. And, yeah, I've had incredible encounters with men. <br> BUT I'm not gay. I'm married, and, more to the point, I enjoy sex with my wife. Being with a man is is different. It's like masturbating with my alter ego. It's not cheating. I would ...

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belasco 51 M
1  Article
Told my secret   6/6/2005

I told my best friend my secret today.It didnt go as I had planned but it ended up well. <br> I explained that his friend and co-worker of the past six years was gay. We were be honest about a few things that have happened over the last few years and I thought it was a good time. His first reaction was panic, we are the same size but I am almost twice as strong and he ...

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2  Articles
married bi-bottom,seeked by another bi-bottom/married   5/30/2005

I ve always been turned on by gay men, or men period, but love women, too..I fantasize about sex with aguy, alot, but alway's shy away, when someone wants to meet with me.I want it badly, but I am married too.I joined outpersonals, and been talking to another guy, which is married, his wife doesn't know, about his desires, and neither does mine, we both feel the same, we love our wives, and ...

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indian555902 38 M
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I can not come out closet   5/21/2005

I am of indian origin living in Australia.When i was 18 iIhad first ecounter with another man and after that i knew iwas gay.but i cannot tell this to my family because they are traditional indian and think being homosexual is a unforgivable has 7 since my first gay sex , still haven't got courage to tell them that i am gay.i don't what will do and say.But i cannot have a stable ...

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keepitcummin5 35 M
1  Article
I don't know   5/17/2005

I've been batteling with this for as long as I can remember. Am I gay/bi or straight I have always found both sexes attractive, but it seems like having sex with women was more like a socially acceptable way to get off then it was enjoyable. I am still trying to get my first gay experience to see if that is more my taste. My girlfriend seems to have her mind made up that I am gay, but it ...

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ubmyboy 62 M
11  Articles
The Way Out   5/12/2005

Since 1994 I have made an effort to support and understand those who are in the closet, and who may be in the process of coming out. Of the perhaps thousands that I have exchanged e-mails or conversed with a majority of them being between 18 and 25 years of age I looked for common threads, and the behaviors which seemed to work well or not well at all. The truth as I understand it is that ...

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jamesmarine 58 M
28  Articles
it was 1964 marine bootcamp   5/10/2005

I was just 18 and had no idea what was ahead of me. They were so nice on the plane from the marine recruiter to the bus. But, when the bus stopped and the doors opened, they started to scream and from the yellow brick road to the first sack time. At about, 3 am all was quiet. I could hear, this one guy crying a muffled cry. But, I finally slept for about 2 hours and then the shit hit the ...

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In Love With My Best Friend   5/9/2005

Ok the problem is this: my best friend is bisexual and i think Im in love with him. We have known each other since we were babies and have been best friends since. My problem is I just realised that I love him in more than a friend way. We are such good friends, and we have had many special times together. We experimented together , ie mutual masturbation when we were 12, and thats when I ...

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Shyguytim 32 M
3  Articles
Get out out out out   5/9/2005

Hi I am wrighting to all of you in the clos3et people who are SOooo scared! Get out of the closet. Imagine you are standing in this little dark closet nodody can see you and you can't see anybody else In fact you can't see much of anything! What you do see is light ya thats right the light from under the door inviteing you out! Okay here is the thing I am 19 and OUT yes me at 19 am ...

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bonapetit 50 M
5  Articles
So what do you call somebody who..   5/7/2005

OK here I am in my forties and I can't decide what I am. When I walk down the street I'm checking out the women and not really thinking about men. But I find it much easier to talk to men and really enjoy gay sex. I guess I'm bi, duh, but maybe its my distant relationship with my mother or my sucky marriage to my overbearing wife, I find it harder to trust women and open up to them than ...

4 Comments, 695 Views, 8 Votes ,3.48 Score
1  Article
Teenage Crisis   4/29/2005

“As a teen I often wondered what sex was all about. I was raised in a very conservative family and being gay was a bad state to be. I often relate to my high school classmates about emotions and feelings and I always wind up being with the girls instead of the boys, but I had interest for boys, in a different manner than with my girl friends. It was on my first year in high school when I ...

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jstforfun2 58 M
1  Article
Traveling Sex Addict I   4/29/2005

Because I live in a small community and am not out of the closet I must get my sex in other cities. <br> Often I travel throughout the Pacific Northwest and when I do so I make stops at every gay establishment I can identify along the way. <br> My last excursion where I got lucky I met this guy, 5/10', hwp, dark blonde hair, green eyes and an ass that would stop a ...

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Shyfriend 38 M
1  Article
Shower Room   4/23/2005

This expereince of mine only happened a few months back . . I was a student assistant in our college and I usually took the night shift from 6 -9 pm. So by the time, I closed the computer laboratory, all classes would have been dismissed and the campus would be half deserted. The only ones left would the the athletes, students and graduate students taking a shower in the locker room. I usually ...

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1  Article
Horny to feel a man   4/12/2005

I did write an article on here a few weeks back but it seems to have dissapeared!! <br> Anyway, I am a happily married man, well almost happily. I have really strong urges towards men. I still find wife wife attractive and we have a healthy sex life involving anal, but I long to get the same. I long to have someone take me, I have used self anal stimulation and I love it, but I ...

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jaydoggie 62 M
1  Article
Its a hard road   4/11/2005

Hi Guys, I have finally had the courage to explore the feelings I have had and supressed for 40 years. It feels great but I havent got the courage to come out. I am amazed at how many guys like me there are and it is very comforting to hear about your experiences. I felt so alone with this but I feel better knowing I am not alone.Thanks Jay

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AverageWhgBoy 54 M
11  Articles
My experience.....   4/9/2005

Well, guys, we've all heard about how a gay person "realizes" their homosexuality. <br> For me, it wasn't so much "realization" as it was "resignation." <br> I always knew, deep inside. In younger years, I would look at Hustler, as a young teen would; but I was hoping to get a glimpse of the man. <br> I spent many years "trying to be what everyone thought ...

3 Comments, 599 Views, 15 Votes ,4.82 Score
hammslice024 32 M
2  Articles
First Time   4/8/2005

This isn't so much of a sex story as an erotic encounter. It happened in high school. <br> I was a senior and a good friend of mine had just come out to me online. He told me that he was gay and really into me and therefore it would be best if he terminated our friendship. I was determined not to let happen, half because he was a great guy and half because there was no FUCKING ...

3 Comments, 2116 Views, 50 Votes ,3.50 Score
wolfer56 69 M
2  Articles
It's not to bad being in the closet.   4/6/2005

I am fiftysix year young and the last ten years I enjoyed gay sex. I am afraid to come out, because I know how my children feel about homosexual. I know I would lose them and my granchildren. I am very content hiding my lifestyle acquired after being married for sixteen years. Don't get me wrong during my marriage I had no desire to get involved with men. After catching my wife in bed ...

3 Comments, 679 Views, 24 Votes ,4.61 Score
MrWhiteGuy 37 M
1  Article
Closeted gay couple   4/3/2005

I've been in the closet until just recently when I decided to explore homosexuality. I was fortunate to meet a very good man from this site who showed me the basics in the few sessions we had together. About 9 months of searching this site I was able to find a member who matched a description of a man I had a crush on for years but I could never get the courage to tell him so. It was him. ...

1 Comments, 672 Views, 12 Votes ,2.98 Score
CuriousGuy9 36 M
1  Article
My First Encounter   4/3/2005

Last year I stopped holding back my urges toward men and decided to try and find one that suited me and vice versa. I browsed the internet like all college freshmen do all day long and came across outpersonals. I signed up and did the whole thingy. I got a lot of responses as the young curious virgin types always do. But one guy was really close to me and seemed perfect. Very laid ...

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SCred 49 M
11  Articles
Had to get out   4/3/2005

The first thirty years of my life I had a secret.The early years I wasn't sure exactly what it was myself.Then along came puberty and then I knew with out a doubt I was gay.To speed things up I did the usual denial thing and got married, had a child, great house, good jod and a wife who loved me.I had it all, but I was slowly losing who I was.The last two years I was married I was depressed ...

3 Comments, 817 Views, 21 Votes ,5.72 Score
romeobill 71 M
2  Articles
Neighbors   3/15/2005

I have been with only a few men since my divorce and was getting to the point of really needing more than my own hand stroking my dick. I needed to feel warm, wet kisses. I needed to feel another body against mine, naked and passionate. <br> So decided to post a profile in OP just to see if I might find a man as romantic as I am. I got several responses, but one in particular ...

4 Comments, 1936 Views, 74 Votes ,8.65 Score
BttmBoy19 37 M
1  Article

There are so many facets of M2M sex that I do not understand, but I cannot get many answers from the guys I have been with. First, I have met a number of guys that want me to cum on their faces. They also like to bury their faces either in my groin or in my lower abdomen. I do not understand why they do this. They are perfectly great guys, and I totally enjoy being with them; I just do ...

2 Comments, 203 Views, 6 Votes ,3.08 Score
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In love with my best fried   3/8/2005

I am an only child, don't think of myself as gay, but am curious about doing it with a man, one man, my best friend. Not only to I love my best friend, I am also in love with him. What do I do???????????

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Why are most gays ?   3/8/2005

I'm 42 years of age and all my teen years all i heard was oh! he's to heavy, or your not my type. It realy makes me feel angry when i hear that. I personly feel all gays are handsome, because love isn't just looks, it's whats in the HEART that counts. Just because some is a little over weight that doesn't mean he can't realy love someone' doesen't? i'm 220Lbs. and i had a boy friend ...

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finallyadmittin 43 M
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I have no idea what to do!   3/8/2005

Well, I am not really sure how many of you guys actually read these articles. But from the looks of things (all the post) at least some of you do. I am a 27 year old male, and I have a problem tht I just can't seem to find the answer to. I have always liked men, ever since I can remember anyway. But I have struggled most of my life to be "normal", trying desperately to suppress these ...

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Bill2005 55 M
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Special banking services   3/4/2005

I run a small engine repair shop in a small town. In trying to keep my business afloat I needed an operating loan. I approached my local bank and they turned me down, it looked like I would have to close. That night I recieved a call from Cliff the loan officer at the bank. He said to stop over he found a way I could possibly keep the business open. When I got there Cliff was wearing a ...

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rogue47 64 M
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how can i tell them   2/15/2005

I am 47 years old now i have had a few gay enconters I have been in and out of relationships with women always ending in divoce. Even when I am with a women I think of men I love the feel of womens close and love to be fucked by a big cock. But i have two boys if i continue then they will find out. I is very hard to go thru life wanting one thing but afraid to fulfill my own sexual desires. ...

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learner55 48 M
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Need to lose it!   2/14/2005

I am totally confused and i am not sure where to go.For the last few months i have lost all interest in women and can only think about men.I have only ever thought of myself as straight but i have become obsessed with the idea of oral and anal sex with a man.When i was at school i had a "thing" with a guy but it was only playing with each other and wanking each other off.I now believe that ...

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Still hung up in the closet   2/12/2005

I am a typical closet case. I know, I know, you are sick and tired of hearing about closet cases. Well here is one more closet case to get sick over. I am 27, i know, bad age. I have always known i was gay.(typical huh) I have had girlfriends. The longest lasting 8 years and ending two weeks before the wedding.(sob) Anyway. I never knew another gay person.(at least i thought not) Until i met ...

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needing first time experience   2/12/2005

I have always thought i was gay or bi I am nearly 56 but look40 and have been married 29 years.I have never enjoyed sex with a woman and like where the partner is bent over infront of you now i long to be fucked by a man and do the same to him and enjoy the company of someone i can learn to love and trust, i cannot trust my wife anymore , she is not unfaithffull but has mental illness and ...

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dicky1940 78 M
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60+male gay finaly comming out   2/12/2005

I was maried for 27yrs before my wife died, i never had any real seual fellings for her. since i was a teenager i wanted the love and tenderness of a man.I looked pashonatly at some of my male teachers.I am a real estate broker in new york city for 35 yrs and have had gay clients that i was atracted to but was afraid to express my felings toward them. I was afraid it would efect my state ...

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bonapetit 50 M
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My First Time   2/11/2005

I was 20 and still a virgin. I was attracted to women, but also to men, which scared the hell out of me. I was so jammed up, I didn't know what to do. <br> I was working at a restaurant at the time as a busboy. An older man (in his 40s) worked there part time. He was openly gay, which I found attractive yet frightening. He befriended me and of course seduced me. He invited me ...

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Swallow19552 61 M
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Getting caught   2/4/2005

I was a happily married man, (or I thought so) I loved to have my wife suck my dick. Little do I know she was getting tired of me and was having an affair with a man where she worked. One night I wanted her to suck my cock and as she was going down on me she stoped, looked up at me and told me if you like this so much you should try it and see how it is to be a cock sucker. You should ...

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Shaving - not your face, further south   1/27/2005

Shaving <br> No not or beard. I'm talking about shaving other body parts. You've seen those pics of hunks with their pubes shaved smooth, now shave yours. Its a great feeling. I started shaving my pubes about two years ago. I will never go back to having hair down there again. The first time is the hardest. The itching is hard to get used to, but after a few shaves its gone. ...

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subMark 50 M
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I'll do this when you responded to my personal ad.   12/12/2004

I knock on your motel room door and you open it, ordering me inside, you don't even ask me to strip. Instead you grab me by my wrist and twisting my arm behind my back, you push me face down over a table. With your free hand you pull down my running shorts and step on them so that they gather around my ankles effectively pinning my feet to the floor. You slap my naked ass a few times just to ...

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KenMasters 37 M
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Closet's not all that bad.   12/9/2004

Many many men extol the virtues of coming out of the closet. They say that it relieves all the stress and worry that the closet life entails. I just wanted to say that everyone's closet is different. Myself for example: I live at home with my family, almost all of my friends are straight, I'm bisexual, and there is no real conflict. No one except for the few people I've had sex with know ...

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